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Reduce advance service costs

Every month you pay an advance for your heat consumption. With this advance you already pay part of your annual heat bill. The advance amount is an estimate. At the end of the year we see what you have actually used (and what the costs were). Then we know whether you have to pay extra or get money back from us.

Avoid paying extra: use less heat

Try to avoid having to pay a deficit at the annual settlement. Heat is expensive, so use your heating in a more economical way. Lowering the temperature in the room(s) and taking shorter showers are simple ways to reduce your energy usage.

This is how lowering the advance amount works



Fill in our online application form

You can immediately apply for a reduction. Click the button below and go directly to the online application form.

  • We ask you for your contact details.
  • You then indicate by what percentage (maximum up to 50%) you wish to reduce your advance.
  • You cannot reduce your advance amount to a lower amount than the old advance amount.
  • Send your request.
  • You will receive an automatic confirmation in your mailbox. Didn't receive an email? Check your junk mail or spam box.
Click here for the application form to reduce the advance amount



Your advance will be reduced from the beginning of June

Are you submitting your application before Monday 8 May? Then the reduced amount will be charged from the beginning of June. The overpaid amount (in April and May) will be refunded.



An employee will contact you

After you have submitted the application form, a Rochdale representative will contact you for additional information and clarification.

You can also call us

You can call us during office hours on 020 215 00 00 (take waiting times into account).

Do you want help or do you have other questions?

Please contact Buurtteam Amsterdam. Or go to the Stichting !Woon.